So it’s freakin’ Valentine’s day today, something I wouldn’t mind spending in some deserted location with some whiskey, uncommon objects and someone from my planet but it ain’t happening any time soon so instead instead this beautiful Winter evening I’m stuffing myself with popcorn & coffee while making some updates for Lanithro Lomtev and as it’s time to return to myself I decided I’ll update ya’ll on what’s been going on in my creative universe & closet.


So We’ve recently launched some new designs that are available HERE. One of my personal favorites and must haves is BDSN KiLLer Bralette handmade from black satin stretch elastic, black mesh & handmade vegan leather appliques. I really wanted to make a dark, bold & signature piece featuring these particular letter appliques in one of my favorite fonts evah For Appliques I chose vegan leather, LL is cruelty free & will always be cruelty free.


Some major changes are invading Lanithro Lomtev and the end is coming for some of the pieces as we know it. Nope, nothing’s lost just, lets say, upgraded. Big time. We’re changing the materials OG BDSN pieces were usually produced from as well as the detailing and all good stuff.


As for the the first ever actual clothing collection OCCULUX – the launch is delayed for a reason. I am beyond excited about it, I can’t wait to bring the collection into the daylight. Shooting for the OCCULUX lookbook is taking place in London this Spring. I am excided to work with my people & can’t wait to collaborate with some rad talents for Lanithro Lomtev.


I hope ya’ll had an awesome weekend, I just wanted to take it easy as I was super exhausted from my workaholical spiral, yet can’t wait for tomorrow already. I wish a positive and productive upcoming week to everyone!

xoxo, Babydevil

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