run free.


It’s been a while and so it happens to be my birthday. A day that is usually just as ordinary as any other day except this one is the first in years when i actually do feel kind of… Alive? Exhausted af, working more than i thought i could handle, all for the sake of the writings in the stars. This year i received a gift i thought only exists in the back of the most obscure part of my mind. Summer was a piece of hell, starting with things that happened around me: all terror attacks, Grenfell Tower disaster and what not ending with betrayals of the only people left to trust just to get this final confirmation on all my assumptions that kept me going all these years. I keep on connecting all the dots and seems like one of the major ones finally got connected, bringing that missing piece for the reasons yet to be discovered but it feels all types of right so far. It’s one of the most beautiful forms of the source manifesting itself in the physical realm making me feel all the beautiful things that were long forgotten. I did not know i can still feel it, keeping myself numb and staying away from the people seemed like the only option to prolong my physical existence in this lifetime. The source was my only loyal and committed companion ever since i realized how tight we were, so after all of these deceptions taking forms of alleged friends and people who care about me i promised to myself and the source that the only addition to our unity will ever be someone who obtains the same qualities and is led by the resonating energies for all those distractions are slowing so many processes that need to be progressing every second of every minute of every day. So what’s freedom? According to those people who claimed they care about my well being it’s having these secure positions at their jobs, stable and loving family members they can count on, certain income, socializing, well all that most i guess consider their freedom. I really hope that having all of this is fulfilling enough for all of them, yet i feel like it’s one of the main reasons i will never be able to connect or re-connect with individuals like that as it always ends the same and neither of us need such an endings nor beginnings to start with. I found my freedom in truth, in seeing what hell really looks like, after being exposed to such things you can only be left craving for all or nothing. These mediocre, confusing, fake souls caught in the cubicle are becoming invisible until they fade making way for the right energies and multi-dimensional prosperity to enter. Losing one – gaining thousands sort of thing, universal laws if you will. I’ll just finish on the note of gratitude. Maybe I don’t have much, but what i have is priceless. I wanna thank every real one for the honesty, love and support, i’m always trying my best to give back and i hope i will be able to do so on the bigger scale. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, i wish the same and more for each and every one of you. Someone especially, you are my light, hope and the biggest inspiration.

I love you.

Run free.

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