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The start of 2019 was beyond crazy. It’s crazy to think I’m still here and trying to find my way back to myself. The me that I actually am. This post-traumatic baggage and toxic people around stopped me from doing me for years. I completely left myself behind. Sometimes I feel like I’ve become what others were to me. and it’s not what I am. Even though the start of 2019 was crazy af, I’m looking forward to the events I have planned for later this year: moving to the place closer to my heart and nature, getting a ride and a doggie – some of the few personal plans. One of the reasons why I’m so focused on all things personal is that I pretty much have no choice at this point. I’d always find an excuse to neglect my personal needs and my life generally has been revolving around work and people i cared about. I just started a journey to getting back in touch wih my actual self and perfecting my ways through life accordingly. At my best, spiritually, I am always in this extremely sensitive almost telepatic connection with the spirits of ancient gods and the universe. The frequencies that have been taking over my life are external for I can still remember myself stronger, even cheerful at my darkest. The faith was there, and then disasters followed. I just want some fresh air, nature around me, morning coffee walks in the fields with my dog and write my soul out. God I used to write a lot. I used to write so much someone actually complained about my ‘essay’ texts. And after a few more disasters  I realized that they aren’t even worth a word of mine so I’ve built this beautiful wall. Although i’ll be talking about business later, i decided to take a major break from my conventional work for a bit and restart everything when the right energy is back and flowing. Sad to say, but life in London wasn’t as inspiring and it’s because of what the inside has turned into after constant horrid events and betrayals from some of the closest people. God, it’s been so miserable. I can’t wait to flip this shit upside down and bring the A game back on. One of my talents is turning hate into fuel for manifesting the quantum gold. I don’t even need to do much to crush the opps. I just can’t be confused by these external frequencies that aren’t natural to me. That’s probably why I’m turning to doing things I thought I wouldn’t do and it feels somewhat exciting. Even if I’ll only have myself to share certain experiences with. We are all we have anyways.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ll be taking a break for a little while. even though I wasn’t able to release much due to all the difficulties I had to overcome there wasn’t a second when I haven’t thought about how screwed up the fact that I’m keeping everything to myself is instead of just putting it all out there without second guessing myself, but just like the inspiration and faith in my vision I’m still regaining my confidence. I wasn’t able to recover from the things that happened and seems like healing process will take a little while, but the good news is: my art is going to be a part of my therapy and is not going to be slept on anymore in that context. I have so many ideas waiting to be unveiled and I’m counting down the days. I am currently working on a new BDSN collection that will include fetish inspired accessories,  harness tops, garters, full body harnesses, and lingerie sets. made to kill baby! I’m so excited to share and let you into the exquisite world of spiritual alchemy Lanithro Lomtev actually is. I will also be upgrading both of my websites, cooking behind the scenes and hot media content in general and most importantly – restarting reality. I’m more than ready for some big changes that were so much needed for so long. Speaking of business – the reality of it, unfortunately is that you just can’t do everything alone as much as you want to. At least I don’t think I can do this completely by myself anymore. One of the reasons why I resorted to working and doing everything alone was horrible experiences with people I’ve tried to hire in the past. There wasn’t one who didn’t try to screw me over, use me and my resources. After numerous attempts at giving people chances, I eventually gave up and learned how to do everything they said I couldn’t by myself and I can’t help but cringe every time someone attempts to take the credit for their imaginary support or even input. I’m a Libra/Virgo so to me it’s always all or nothing, black or white, bitches only have one chance with me. But I am finally actually considering hiring a personal assistant to help me run this shit as well as be a part of this amazing manifestation of all things divine and obscure and nearly necromantic. Everything that reflects the darkest corners of one’s soul. this year is definitely going to be balancing style, fashion, and lifestyle. Years of the cyber existence proved that there are indeed weirdos like yours truly across this planet and just like myself they are looking for something more and relatable so I decided to dedicate this website to Self-Development, elevating your level in both: spiritual and physical realms and slaying it one look at a time. Generally speaking, it’s a place for Boss Bitches, your weekly dose of style and chasing dreams. It’s time to be there for ourselves and find ourselves again.

Ashes To Ashes,

Dust To Dust.

xoxo, N

  • Giedra

    Tu tobula! Kaip dziaugiuosi kad tave radau

    👁 STYLE ICON 👁

    May 9, 2019 at 3:37 pm
  • Timmi Owz

    SLAY-NEE 💦💦💦

    May 9, 2019 at 3:39 pm
  • Sandra Velonni

    You’re such a doll!! ;o

    May 9, 2019 at 8:14 pm

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