‘It was me on that road, but you couldn’t see me…’ keeps on spinning in my head often when I walk at nights. I was never good when it comes to getting over people. But the dark mass of obscure and odd intelligent cells inside requires a major change. I’ve been gifted by the source, but the lows of human behaviours around almost knocked me out and made me forget of what I really am. Loneliness helps you realise many things, but what happens when you realise that actually you’ve been lonely your whole life?  And it’s after you meet that someone YOU enough to handle your outer space sh*t, yet THEM enough to leave in a pathetic manner, you know what it feels like when you’re not alone and what it’s like when everything that ever made some sense is taken away and blown the f*ck apart. And here’s when the inside plays it’s part. I haven’t been as well and uplifted recently,but thankfully something is going on and honestly I just started to feel bad about wasting my time on thinking about ashes and dust. There is so much ahead. I am working on my new tracks, feeding my soul with the sounds resembling reality painted by higher self. It’s really therapeutical, there’s just a little too much inside. I am also thinking about changing the environment completely and moving somewhere completely random. I doubt it can be really random though, there are so many places I love for different things, but what’s more important to me is my fur kids and creative side of the story. I’ve been feeling hella lonely recently. I feel like I was so ready to give all that love to someone and I was left full of it all by myself, so I decided I will give it to someone I’ve wanted for ever (inlove) RATS! Hahaha, I’m literally waiting for the call right now, so excited! Finally! I decided to get a few, as they are super social and the last thing I want is for my babies to feel lonely or get sick and sh*t. It just sucks that their life is not that long, but hopefully I can make it as good as possible for them. I feel like 2017 will be a very interesting year.

Anyways, I’m trying to recover and can’t wait to get some spiritual balance back. I’m working on a lot of things, but the most important one is cutting some ropes, including the one restraining me from what’s ahead. Thank you for the amazing vibes guys, I hope I’m giving at least some of it back. I wish you guys an awesome rest of the week!

Love, N

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