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Have you ever had a dream/nightmare that haunted you for a very long period of time? Well, I can’t seem to get away from one that has been following me ever since I encountered the object. Unbelievable but it’s been 10 years, and just when i think i get as far away as i can and it kinda stops, here i am, finding myself standing and staring into this house in this odd ass dream. I still can’t explain this crazy attachment to this place, just like i can’t explain what exactly we captured in all of the pictures taken there. Obviously it was some kind of energy, you could feel that someone’s always watching you and house was soaking in this vibe all together. Few years ago before they started doing renovation work on the house (after multiple failed deals and unfortunate bancruptcies of companies that tried to buy it) they did an archeological research and diggings and of course they found a damn cemetery. In fact, the house was always surrounded by death. Back in 1803 and during second world war it was a war hospital building. While doing my own investigation I found some material with a very detailed description of what has been going on there and how the everyday life there looked like. During the peek timing when hospital was overloaded and it was simply impossible to handle the soldier patients, doctors would give dying ones alcohol for them to at least get drunk and die painlessly. So anyways, what I really want to find out is what part or who and why is coming after me in and how long will it last.

I had a dream on Wednesday. Same place, same energy, it’s me again looking at it and checking if IT is still there… You probably wonder what’s ‘IT’? Well, from the all the experiences i had over the years the only thing i can say is there is something on that ground, under or above it, call it whatever but most of the times the dreams are pretty much similar: i am next to the house, watching two people talking about some contract and a business deal regarding the property on the first floor of the house. I suddenly start to feel the need to look up and a shadow figure moving in one of the windows in the second floor catches my attention, I sense it’s anger. I visited this place not so long ago, nothing looks the same but THE FEELING of SOMETHING remains and I guess always will.

This place had a huge impact on me and everything in my life, including it’s heavy contribution to my spiritual journey. One of the key locations in my first book is based on this particular place. I even used some photos from the amazing huge Cemetery near by for  Lanithro Lomtev prints. XXV is Everywhere. After everything that happened to me personally, I’m sure it’s just a time bomb for something yet to be discovered.

Photos by Gabriela Joanna

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