8 Things I Will Not Miss




As I’m getting ready for some major changes in my life, including moving to a place close to nature, I decided to take a break from the social media once again, focus on myself and do a little list of things I will not miss in my future. It was always about missing things that are so far gone and will never happen again. Focusing on that only ever stopped me from seizing the moment and building my future. A lot has changed tho. Memories faded, skin grew thicker, now it’s all about the future and breaking the patterns. I figured it’s easier to realize what you need once you determine what you don’t. Here are 8 things I will not miss about past and life in London.

      1.Faux Fasade. 

Big beautiful cities are usually the definition of deception. It’s here where you get to experience everyone’s egos trying to suppress your own. You can either be selfish or forget about yourself.  I only met very few people who are still in touch with reality. Everyone else is caught in the cubicle.

2.  London Rent Horror.

Mold, leaking ceilings, cracking walls, rats, bed bugs, asshole flatmates and harassing landlords that won’t replace a washing machine and damaged electricity cables for months but will keep on asking you out and all personal questions under the sun – all included.

 3. Commute.

Okay, it’s not as bad as Tokyo, YET, but successfully getting there. I will not miss being touched, feeling like canned anchovies and not having a personal space and a room to breathe, especially now that I have health complications. Screw that.

4. Middle Aged Bald Bearded Hipsters In The Pubs Offering You Some ‘Old D*ck’. 

I hate pubs. The times I get dragged there is when someone I know heavily insists on having some drinks. It only happened a few times. Fortunately most of them, I had some male friends around, but that one time when it was only me and my girlfriend, I doubt the peace lasted even 25 minutes, when we were offered some ‘Old D*ck’. I don’t think I’ll ever step into a place like this without a male buddy again.



5. F*ckboys.

I’ve given up on living long ago. I have never met someone intelligent enough who would clearly see through the exterior and whenever I get that hope and think this might be it and something worth trying I get bombarded with unnecessary nudes and d*ck pics which immediately reduces a person to the level I don’t want anything to do with. Like c’mon, let’s talk struggle, alchemy and quantum physics.

6. Fake & Stupid People.

They’re everywhere: from your own family members and relatives to every other human being you encounter. The best you can really do is just to learn how to deal with them and of course eliminate them from your life when necessary. All they’ll do is poison your life in the long run and eventually deprive you of your happiness.

  7. Crowded Streets & Places.

One of the reasons I hang out in the cemeteries so often is the irreplaceable peace & comfort it provides. I only go for a walk in central London during the night time. This is when you actually experience the beauty of it. It’s just you and the history. No interruptions, only you and the channel of energy and inspiration you’ve built.

  8. Not Having My Day Ones Around.

I am extremely loyal and real and I can proudly say that I still have someone just like this in my life from almost two decades ago. Real recognizes real and so I’m beyond excited about this particular event. Just a couple of weeks ago I found out that my ride or die is moving to UK. It’s the person who will drive me to the cemetery in the middle of the night, do midnight mukbangs while watching planes take off and rip people’s heads off for me. I would do the same and more. As much as I like being alone, there wasn’t a better period of time than the one we’ve spent together. That’s the only thing I’d like to repeat over and over again. XXV ‘Grown Up’ Edition, huh? ;D




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