St. Mary’s Cemetery

St. Mary’s Cemetery is one of my favourite local cemeteries I tend to visit quite often. It’s also known as Battersea St. Mary’s Cemetery or Battersea Rise Cemetery. It was opened back in 1860 and established by St. Mary’s Burial Board in part of Wandsworth Common. An L-shaped site, the cemetery was laid out on a grid pattern and still has its original cast iron entrance gates and brick gate piers. There’s a small and charming chapel where services can be conducted. There are also numerous beautiful planted areas of flower beds and various trees, including the avenue of ornamental cherries which is probably one of my favourite parts of the site. The cemetery contains the war graves of 15 British service personnel from World War I and 3 from World War II as well as Sir William Anderson Rose –  Lord Mayor of London, MP for Southampton, William Taylor who was headmaster of Sir Walter St John’s Grammar School For Boys and John Burns – a trade unionist and politician and MP for Battersea. 


April 11, 2018


Sepulcrum Certaminibus

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