Want to revamp your style, get season ready or have an event coming, yet have no time or clue where to start? Let us take care of it and make this confidence boosting experience an event to remember. Make sure you’re always on top of the game when it comes to your personal style with PERSONAL STYLING & SHOPPING ONLINE service. 


What’s Included?

  • An in-depth personal analysis of your current sense of style with recommendations on how you can improve and achieve the desired results.
  • Creating guide look for your new style / Creating guide season looks / Creating event look.
  • Clothing /Accessory recommendations hand-selected by us for you to purchase online.
  • Personal consultation session to help you rock your new style with confidence!

How Does It Work? 

First, we’ll hold a consultation whichever way that suits you best (Skype, Email etc.) to discuss your needs and expectations and analyse your current situation as well as complete the colour and body shape analysis to determine cuts and styles that will best suit your new style / image.

After determining the details and style you’re going for, you will receive a custom digital sets with the new guide looks for your approval. If you’ll be 100% happy with the looks, we’ll move on to the Personal Shopping.

We understand how different and individual everyone’s needs are, therefore we’ll offer the best Personal Shopping experience and solutions according to your individual budget and circumstances. We will hand-pick all shoes, clothes and accessories, creating a list of links so you could purchase them straight away. Once we’re done – you’ll have new, fresh key pieces that will elevate your wardrobe and style to the next level, while boosting your confidence inside and out.

The last step to ensure you’ve got this: we’ll go through your old wardrobe and see what’s no longer serving the New You. We’ll let you know what should be left behind and what pieces should stay and be brought back to life along with your new ones. We’ll teach you how to style and put more looks together combining old and new pieces.

Choose a one-off online Personal Shopping session service if you’re after a completely new or revamped wardrobe / style and image, or if you need help finding and putting together an outfit for a special occasion. Our online Personal Shopping service gives you the opportunity to enhance your wardrobe with new on-trend pieces and ensures you are well organised, confident and styled.