Always second guessing? Can’t decide if less is more?

Well, it’s your lucky day (That would still be an understatement)! In fact, the new day of the rest of your new life, cause here you’ll find all the answers to all questions that keep on bothering and confusing you when you look in the mirror most of the times you’re trying to come up with the outfit. Get feedback, advice, and even your virtual shopping cart filled with hand-picked clothes, shoes, and accessories. 


What’s Included?

  • An in-depth personal analysis of your current sense of style with recommendations on how you can improve and achieve the desired results.
  • Clothing/accessory recommendations hand-selected by us for you to purchase online.
  • Personal consultation session to help you rock your new style with confidence!


How Does It Work? 

First, we’ll hold a consultation whichever way that suits you best (Skype, Email etc.) to discuss your needs and expectations and analyze your current situation as well as complete the color and body shape analysis to determine cuts and styles that will best suit your new style/image.


After determining the details and style you’re going for, we’ll move on to picking some pieces that will compliment your style. We will hand-pick all shoes, clothes, and accessories, creating a list of links so you could purchase them straight away. We’ll also teach you all the crucial things & how to style yourself according to your image and what’s best to avoid.


The last step to ensure you’ve got this: we’ll go through your old wardrobe and looks and see what’s no longer serving your new, defined image. We’ll let you know what should be left behind and what pieces should stay and be brought back to life along with your new ones. We’ll teach you how to style and put more looks together according to your new image, body shape, and personality.